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Дата Журнал ЗАГОЛОВОК Автор Язык ОБОБЩЕНИЕ Файл
01/03/2017 Global Cement -- LIME -- Inglese           
21/09/2016 Il Sole 24 Ore 253 Tradizione e innovazione, la ricetta di SIC Il Sole 24 Ore Italiana           
29/01/2016 World Cement jennuary 2016 Environmental Synergies Eng. P. Accinelli Inglese           
22/12/2015 Stroitelnye Materialy -- Vietnam Project Paolo Accinelli russo           
01/03/2015 WORLD CEMENT Marzo 2015 World Cement takes a look at latest news from the lime industry Eng. P. Accinelli English           
01/03/2015 GLOBAL CEMENT MAGAZINE Marzo 2015 SIC's ongoing lime plant projects Eng. P. Accinelli English           
01/11/2011 GLOBAL CEMENT MAGAZINE October 2011 SIC Project at Egypt's Beshay Steel Eng. P. Accinelli English           
21/04/2011 World Cement April 2011 Lime Plant Criteria Eng. P. Accinelli English           
06/12/2010 Cement & Building Materials Review 42 SIC - Three centuries of lime history Eng. Ezio Rossini English, Arabic           
09/12/2009 cbpc - Ciments Betons 900 Lime Production in One Eco Integrated Cycle Eng. P. Accinelli Français, English           
04/05/2009 cbpc - Ciments Bétons 896 Fuel Developments According to Società Impianti Calce S.r.l. Eng. P. Accinelli Français           
06/04/2009 World Cement - A Succesful Eco-Integrated Cycle Eng. P. Accinelli English           
28/02/2009 World Cement 08/2008 Lime Project Expertise Eng. P. Accinelli English           
01/09/2008 ElektroMetallurgia 9/2008 Limestone and Dolomite Kiln Certification Vladimir M. Sojfer Russian           
02/04/2007 World Cement China - A New Life for Old Lime Klins Eng. P. Accinelli Chinese           
08/12/2006 Cements and Building Materials Review 26 Acico Project Eng. P.Accinelli English           
03/06/2006 World Cement - A New Life for Old Lime Kilns Eng. P. Accinelli English           
08/10/2005 cbpc - Ciments Bétons 875 - 876 Four Generations of Lime Producers Emanuelle Roque Français           
08/09/2004 Ciments Bétons 868 L'usine de chaux Socli d'Izaourt Eng. P. Accinelli English, Français           
03/08/2002 World Cement 8 Sophisticated Lime Eng. P. Accinelli English           
03/07/2002 GCL -- Global Contract Round-Up - SIC - English           
04/12/2001 GLP - Gypsum Lime & Building Products - SIC' microselector mills "S" type - English           
04/08/2001 International cement and lime journal - Difficult lime hydration aiming the achievement of special products Eng. P.Accinelli English           
07/02/2000 International Cement & Lime Journal 2 The Aereated Concrete Industries Project Eng. P.Accinelli English           
11/04/1999 World Cement 30 Evolution of HPK Kilns Eng. P. Accinelli English           
10/12/1998 GLP - Gypsum Lime & Building Products - Evolution by HPK _ English           
03/03/1998 World Cement 29 Sic-HPK vertical shaft lime klin innovations Eng. P. Accinelli English           
08/03/1997 Ciments Betons cbpc 826 Mise en service d'un four à chaux au butane _ Français           
05/02/1997 World Cement 28 A new lime kiln Eng. P.Accinelli English           
01/02/1997 Zkg International 2/97 The new CBK lime kiln from SIC in Italy Eng. P.Accinelli English and German           
07/01/1996 Cementipar - A 450-es kohósalak portlandcement 20 bevezetése - Hungarian           
06/12/1995 Uj Eszak - A Cementigyár stratégiája: minóség és környezetvédelem I.S. Hungarian           
06/12/1995 Deli Hirlap - Magyar gyár, modern olasz thecnológiával sz.B. Hungarian           
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