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forno dsr - double round shaft


D.S.R. kilns (double shaft round) are double shaft type, with round cross section and exhaust gases circulation in equicurrent; this kilns typology is similar to D.S.S kilns, from the thermodynamic and technological point of view.

Their main peculiarity is given by the heat distribution between one and the other shaft.
In these kilns the exhaust gases passage from one to the other shaft doesn’t come through one canne but through a circular channel with more accesses. This characteristics allows to optimize the heat distribution along the whole transversal section avoiding the formation of cooling or over-burnt areas.

Thanks to this particular profile, it’s possible to obtain kilns with big productions or to burn limestone of small sizes without for this reducing the produced lime quality or increasing the consumptions.


double round shaft kiln


  • Low fuel consumption
  • Great steadiness of production
  • High reactivity lime
  • Low value of L.O.I.
  • Big production of lime per each kiln
  • Use of small sizes limestone
  • Possibility of different fuels use


Limestone Size
Reactivity T60
Electric Consumpition
Caloric Consumpition
20 ÷ 150 mm
250 ÷ 700 Tons CaO/D
gas / fuel oil / pulverised
<1 to <2,5
30 ÷ 35 kWh / Tons CaO
< 850 Kcal / Kg. CaO
< 1,5 %



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