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high performance kiln


H.P.K. kilns (High Performance Kiln) are single shaft type, with square cross section and exhaust gases circulation in counter current.

They are equipped with external burners and inside special refractory structures, that allow an homogeneous heat distribution in all the kiln cross section.

These kilns allow the use of a wide range of fuels, alternate and/or contemporaneously.

Thanks to their particular technology, in these kilns it’s also possible to use solid pulverised fuels as pet-coke, coal, saw dust or other waste fuels.


forno HPK


  • From small to middle capacity lime productions.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Easy management.
  • Possibility to use different fuels.
  • High CO2 concentration at the stack.
  • Low investment cost.


Limestone Size 30 ÷ 120 mm
Production 15 ÷ 250 Tons CaO/D
Fuel gas/liquid/solid
Reactivity T60 <2
Electric Consumption 10,5 ÷ 12,5 kWh/Tons CaO
Caloric Consumpition <950 Kcal/Kg. CaO
L.O.I. <1,5%



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