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Walking Screw

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The walking screws allow to realise big stocking of loose material like: lime, limestone, coke, sand, saw-dust, avoiding that such products, once discharged from the trucks need further interference by the operators for their moving.

They are constituted by a strong screw of big diameter rolling around its axe and of which the rotary supports are assembled on walking carriage tied to rack.

The walking screw is assembled in the inferior part of a hopper with flat bottom with rectangular transversal section.

The rack system allows to the walking screw to cross an agreeability length of the stocking hopper.

The augers translating permit the construction of large stockpiles of loose materials such as a park: lime, limestone, coke, sand, sawdust, avoiding these products, once downloaded from the transport vehicle, require further intervention of an operator for handling their .

A double system of frequency control for the rotary speed control of the screw and its advancement, allow to tune in a discrete way the extraction capacity to can allow the use of the walking screw as stocking system placed after a milling or transport system.

The hopper particular profile allows to equip the stocking with an efficient de-dusting system.