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Weighting Systems

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Weighting and continuous dosing system for powder and grain materials.

The system is constituted by a weighting screw at fix speed that takes in continuous the weight of the material transported and by an extraction system from the stocking hopper at variable/ adjustable.

Capacity from 0,5 t/h to 40 t/h.

Batch weighting system for minerals in size, particularly suitable for heavy use situations and with high risks of high temperatures.

Batch from 15 to 50 Lts.

sistema a perdita di peso   Weighing system and micro-dosing of powdery materials based on the technique of weighing system with weight loss.

The system consists of a hopper of material with built-in metering auger and crusher, all supported by a truck chassis with power distributor.

Capacities from 15 Kg / h to 300 kg / h

coclea pesatrice continua pesatura a batch pesatura a perdita di peso