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The first P.C.C. industrial productions begin at the beginning of eighteenth century in England.

Only in the last thirty years, it has happened a large diffusion of this important lime derivate production because the development of always new industrial sector where it's used a lot.

Respect the micronising process of carbonate (GCC), where the only factor on which the man can operate is the granulometry cut.

In the PCC production process on the contrary it's possible to operate also at level of crystallography product formation.

produzione carbonato di calcio precipitato The possibility to modify during the industrial process, the physical and chemical calcium carbonate characteristics coming from the quarry, allows to can change further than the granulometry also the white grade of the product and its specific surface.

The PCC process production is from the chemical point of view , apparently extremely simple.

The production process begins with the limestone decarbonation (CaCO3) in a kiln, from which it's obtained lime (CaO) and gases (CO2).

The lime is slaked with an exothermic process, in a slacker obtaining slurry of lime hydroxide in water excess ( Ca(OH)2 + nH2O ) that is purified from the heavier impurities.

The slurry produced in this way is put in close contact with gases rich of CO2 coming from the kiln, realising the re-carbonation that bring again to the formation of a slurry of CaCO3 that will be used as such, for example in paper industry, or dehydrated and dried to obtain a powder finely dispersed.

Acting on the combination of some variable of process as:

  • river depuration / lime milk
  • lime reactivity
  • slacking temperature
  • slurry concentration
  • CO2 concentration
  • Process water additive
  • insemination
PCC plantit's possible to determine the future composition of carbonate crystals (calcite - aragonite) obtaining the control of the three first parameters distinguishing the PCC specific surface, granulometry and white grade.

SIC after many years of technologies development concerning lime production and its under products, till from 1990, using the specific technologic support of two PCC specialists at worldwide level, has begun to deal in the engineering and construction of plants for PCC production.


PCC flow sheet