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Milk of Lime Plant

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Milk of lime plant production with controlled density values, size and purity, so to satisfy the more severe exigencies imposed by the users chemical plants.

Continuous slacker, with first selection riddle for the bigger un-burnt pieces elimination contained in the used lime.

Lime milk depuration produced with vibrating screen and hydro-cyclones battery for the reduction of the materials in suspension till inferior values to 50 micron.

Additive circuit of the reaction water to get better the lime solubility and control the granulometric curve of the final product.
Sand recovers for the bettering plant productivity and the reduction of lime content in the rejected material.

The de-dusting of powders transported by the steam produced by the slacker through a dynamic scrubbers by humidity. Slacker production comprehended by 0,5 t CaO/h to 10 T CaO/h at constant volume and with concentration of lime milk produced from 10 Bè a 20° fino a 27 Bè a 20°.