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Vision & Mission

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SIC We consider the customer our greatest fortune and our most important source of new experiences and ideas and our greater incentive to improve.

We want our name is always synonymous with professionalism and in the lime world it represents the reference point.

The timely and effective resolution to minor problems of our clients must find from all of us the same commitment we put in the execution of a major project.

Our commitment to our customers should not be concluded with the performance tests signing, but this must be only the first milestone of a project and should represent the relationship beginning of a mutual growth.

We believe that designing a good plant it means exhaustively, creating a plant that respects the environment and it is safe for the health of those who must operate.

The company property direct involvement in its management represents the guarantee for an immediate answer and to find a known and motivated partner to search the solution for the customer satisfaction.


SIC is now a world leader in lime and its derivatives to project and construct plants and supply equipment and thanks to its wide experience, it is considered by its customers the "lime problem solving" or information source about the lime world.

The new headquarters built in 2007, from initial project, is born functional to the activity that SIC develops and especially to the "philosophy" by which this activity can be achieved.

SIC "home" is located outside the city of Milan, one of the main technological and economic centres in Europe, the localization arises from the need to have access to all facilities that only a great international centre like Milan can offer.

In the area of over 1000 m2 are the offices, the technical & commercial department , the planning office, the research center, the laboratory for chemical and physical tests, the checking, machines testing and specialty materials area.

To realise all the critical activities at "home", under the careful supervision of our qualified technical staff, may seem more expensive, but we want that all the functions considered strategic are concentred in our offices with a very short control chain and responsibility.

We believe that the quality and the control bring together a great economic benefit in the project realisation to our customers and to SIC in terms of image return.

The continuous similar technologies development even if different for some their peculiarities, we want to ensure our customers that our proposal is always the result of a technological choice and not purely commercial.